This fiction anthology from Eric Raglin (writer of NIGHTMARE YEARNINGS, editor of ANTIFA SPLATTERPUNK) will feature stories of body horror in sports and fitness. Submit your most grotesque, strange, frightening, and thought-provoking stories—ones with complex characters, unapologetic weirdness, and horror that takes bold narrative risks. Submissions are open to all writers, but I especially encourageContinue reading “SHREDDED: A SPORTS AND FITNESS BODY HORROR ANTHOLOGY”

Great books, albums, podcasts, and movies of 2021

Numbered rankings have always felt arbitrary to me, which is why the first word of this post is “great” rather than “best.” Here, I’ll recommend a novel, novella, short story collection, anthology, nonfiction book, album, movie, and podcast. If a particular 2021 release isn’t mentioned here, that’s not because I disliked it. In fact, thereContinue reading “Great books, albums, podcasts, and movies of 2021”


This summer, I’ll be editing ANTIFA SPLATTERPUNK, an anthology dedicated to–you guessed it–anti-fascist splatterpunk stories. In addition to pure splatterpunk, I’m also open to extreme horror with weird, bizarro, historical, or science fiction elements. Just keep it anti-fascist.  The anthology is open to all writers, but I would especially like submissions from antifascist writers ofContinue reading “ANTIFA SPLATTERPUNK”