Cursed Morsels

I host Cursed Morsels, a podcast with interviews and discussions about short horror fiction. This podcast began as a pandemic project, and my intent was simply to record conversations with friends in which we talked about short horror stories. Then, I got the idea of interviewing authors whose stories I’d be using in my Horror Lit class. In addition to sharing these interviews with students, I figured, why not share these with whoever else wants to listen? After that, the podcast moved purely to interviews. It’s been a blast running the show, meeting new authors, and learning more about horror and writing craft.

Currently, I don’t accept unsolicited requests for interviews. However, there will be times in which I ask for specific types of writers or horror subgenres that I’d like to feature on the show. If I ask and you fit the description, you’re welcome to submit your name for consideration. I’m also fine with folks nominating writers other than themselves. But in most cases, I’ll specifically seek writers out for booking.

If you’re wondering what type of horror I like, here’s a good starting place: weird, queer, ecological, genre-bending, own voices, and anti-capitalist. Of course, it doesn’t have to check all those boxes, but if it checks at least one or two, I’ll probably be interested.

Please also note that I only book episodes to promote short story collections, individual short stories, short story anthologies, or (less frequently) novellas. I do not book for novels or nonfiction.

If you’d like to contact me about Cursed Morsels, my email is cursedmorsels [at] gmail [dot] com.

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