“A Coarse Yellow Sea” is a story about grief, gay love, and possessed horses. It was published October 2022 in Jack Hartley’s Hell Is Real.

“Bloody Nights at Hippie Cliffs” is a weird, gay, trope-twisting slasher. It was published October 2022 in Brandon Applegate’s It Was All A Dream.

“The Claw’s Blessing” is a dystopian body horror flash fic. It was published October 2022 in Brhel and Sullivan’s Campfire Macabre vol. 2.

“Dead Rain” is an eco-horror flash fic. It was published April 2022 by Dread Stone Press.

“Macramé Flames” is a horror romance story about a queer motorcycle gang burning down 666 craft stores to summon Satan. It was published March 2022 in Mae Murray’s The Book of Queer Saints.

“Dream Girl” is a horror story about The Human Centipede and controlling romantic partners. It was published March 2022 in Pixie Forest Publishing’s Dark Descending.

A Most Bulbous Congregation” is a splattery tale about a conversion therapy cult. It was published March 2022 in Laurel Hightower and Sandra Ruttan’s The Dead Inside.

“The Last of Her Kind” is a psychological eco-horror story about extinction and its consequences. It was published November 2021 in Alex Ebenstein’s Field Notes from a Nightmare: An Anthology of Ecological Horror.

“Heirlooms” is a bizarro body horror story about grandma’s missing fingers. It was published November 2021 in Fingers: A Bizarro Fiction Anthology.

Silver Dollar Eyes” is a dark paranormal story about holding a ghost hostage for profit. It was published September 2021 in Scott J. Moses’ What One Wouldn’t Do anthology.

Angel Teeth” is a story about terrifying angels and drug addiction. It was published in the Fall 2021 issue of Starward Shadows Quarterly.

A Healing Swarm” is a splatterpunk story about a man who treats his emphysema by inhaling a cup full of maggots into his lungs. It was published August 2021 in Sanitarium.

“When Mothman Came to Queer Lake” is a story about traumatized cryptids, queer paradise, and encroaching fascism. It was published June 2021 in Divination Hollow.

“Floaters” is a bizarre splatterpunk story about a woman with a harpoon gun and the worst job imaginable. It was published May 2021 in HyphenPunk.

“Symphony of the Risen Kingdom” is a vegan splatterpunk story. It was published April 2021 in UNSPLATTERPUNK! 4.

“Claustrophilia” is a drabble about spelunking, breakups, and the inherent eroticism of caves. It was published in April 2021 by Ghost Orchid Press.

“Transubstantiation” is a flash fiction Second Coming of Christ meets Alien story. It was published in April 2021 by Dread Stone Press.

“Charlotte Frostheart’s Box of Winter” is a story about a climate-stealing witch who monetizes winter. It was published in January 2021 in Shiver: A Chilling Horror Anthology, edited by Nico Bell.

“Smaller” is a queer body horror breakup story. It was published in the December 2020 issue of Novel Noctule. I was also their spotlight writer that month.

“My Better Half” is a bisexual body horror story. It was published in the October 2020 issue of Sirens Call.

“Ivory” is a story in which extinct birds haunt a grieving woman. It was published October 2020 in Fever Dream.

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