Extinction Hymns is a collection of horror and weird fiction published by Brigids Gate Press in 2022:
A vengeful owl haunts the man who poached her. A desperate entrepreneur holds a ghost hostage for profit. An addict finds hope and terror in an imprisoned angel. A father and son search their dying world for something to eat other than human flesh. Eric Raglin, author of Nightmare Yearnings, returns with his second collection of horror and weird fiction. Strange, terrifying, and tender, these eighteen stories explore what happens when extinction comes for us all.

Nightmare Yearnings is a collection of horror and weird fiction self-published in 2021:
A thrill-seeker studies a language learned through close encounters with death. A flock of extinct birds haunt a grieving woman for reasons unknown. A boy participates in a public access cannibal cooking show to win his family’s love. A couple panics when Mothman shows up to their slice of rural paradise with omens in tow. In his debut short story collection, Eric Raglin presents sixteen queer and weird horror stories.

“The Chalk Martyrs” is a cult/body horror story about the nightmare of high school teaching. It was published April 2023 in Bitter Apples.

“The Devouring Hole” is a dark fantasy story about a dying world and a weird hole. It was published November 2022 in Pyre Magazine.

“A Coarse Yellow Sea” is a story about grief, gay love, and possessed horses. It was published October 2022 in Jack Hartley’s Hell Is Real.

“Bloody Nights at Hippie Cliffs” is a weird, gay, trope-twisting slasher. It was published October 2022 in Brandon Applegate’s It Was All A Dream.

“The Claw’s Blessing” is a dystopian body horror flash fic. It was published October 2022 in Brhel and Sullivan’s Campfire Macabre vol. 2.

“Dead Rain” is an eco-horror flash fic. It was published April 2022 by Dread Stone Press.

“Macramé Flames” is a horror romance story about a queer motorcycle gang burning down 666 craft stores to summon Satan. It was published March 2022 in Mae Murray’s The Book of Queer Saints.

“Dream Girl” is a horror story about The Human Centipede and controlling romantic partners. It was published March 2022 in Pixie Forest Publishing’s Dark Descending.

A Most Bulbous Congregation” is a splattery tale about a conversion therapy cult. It was published March 2022 in Laurel Hightower and Sandra Ruttan’s The Dead Inside.

“The Last of Her Kind” is a psychological eco-horror story about extinction and its consequences. It was published November 2021 in Alex Ebenstein’s Field Notes from a Nightmare: An Anthology of Ecological Horror.

“Heirlooms” is a bizarro body horror story about grandma’s missing fingers. It was published November 2021 in Fingers: A Bizarro Fiction Anthology.

Silver Dollar Eyes” is a dark paranormal story about holding a ghost hostage for profit. It was published September 2021 in Scott J. Moses’ What One Wouldn’t Do anthology.

A Healing Swarm” is a splatterpunk story about a man who treats his emphysema by inhaling a cup full of maggots into his lungs. It was published August 2021 in Sanitarium.

“When Mothman Came to Queer Lake” is a story about traumatized cryptids, queer paradise, and encroaching fascism. It was published June 2021 in Divination Hollow.

“Floaters” is a bizarre splatterpunk story about a woman with a harpoon gun and the worst job imaginable. It was published May 2021 in HyphenPunk.

“Symphony of the Risen Kingdom” is a vegan splatterpunk story. It was published April 2021 in UNSPLATTERPUNK! 4.

“Claustrophilia” is a drabble about spelunking, breakups, and the inherent eroticism of caves. It was published in April 2021 by Ghost Orchid Press.

“Transubstantiation” is a flash fiction Second Coming of Christ meets Alien story. It was published in April 2021 by Dread Stone Press.

“Charlotte Frostheart’s Box of Winter” is a story about a climate-stealing witch who monetizes winter. It was published in January 2021 in Shiver: A Chilling Horror Anthology, edited by Nico Bell.

“Smaller” is a queer body horror breakup story. It was published in the December 2020 issue of Novel Noctule. I was also their spotlight writer that month.

“My Better Half” is a bisexual body horror story. It was published in the October 2020 issue of Sirens Call.

“Ivory” is a story in which extinct birds haunt a grieving woman. It was published October 2020 in Fever Dream.

“A Celebration of Sonic Horror” is an essay about the art of composing scary metal music. It was published December 2022 in Nightmare Magazine.

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